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Industrial Fans- Essential For Various Applications

Posted by Admin on March, 21, 2013

Industrial Fans are very crucial for maintaining air flow in enclosed premises like factories, industrial sites, warehouses, etc. They ensure proper ventilation, reduce heat level and check air stagnation thus elevating comfort and hygiene in closed surroundings. There are different types of Industrial Fans available in the market. Two of them namely, Induced Draft Fans and Industrial Axial Fans, are discussed below.

Induced Draft Fans

Induced Draft Fans are applied in a system or stack to create a vacuum or negative pressure. An Induced Draft Fan is used in a furnace from where it draws gases and the combustion air into the furnace. The centrifugal blowers are used along with Induced Draft Fans to maintain elevated ventilation which results in an increased system efficiency.

Induced Draft Fan: How It Works?

An Induced Draft Fan with the help of a blower, combustion chamber and heat exchanger pulls out the air into the burner. The unwanted gases are pushed out by the Fan through a vent. This process creates a negative air pressure in the furnace which further creates the required pressure in the venting system. The Induced Draft Fan is operated marginally below the atmospheric pressure. Fan speed is regulated to accomplish control over the system.

Induced Draft Fans: Applications

  • Automobile industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Food industry
  • Construction industry
  • Paper industry

Advantages of using an Induced Draft Fan

  • It prevents the leakage of hot combustion gases.
  • It maintains a constant furnace condition.
  • It ensures safety and reliable functioning of the boiler.

Industrial Axial Fans

Industrial Axial Fan moves the air stream alongside the axis of the fan. An Industrial Axial Fan works with the help of a propeller which draws air into the fan. The fan blades discharge the air in the same axial path.

Industrial Axial Fan: How It Works?

An Industrial Axial Fan works exactly like the propeller of an airplane which pressurizes the air by creating an aerodynamic lift. The Centrifugal Blower draws in the air to the blower housing. The blower passes the air stream through the wheel which is then discharged out through the outlet of the housing at 90 degrees.

Industrial Axial Fans: Applications

  • Steel mills – to exhaust heat and cool down forges and kilns
  • Welding Booths – for protection from welding fumes
  • Paint Industry – to sweep mist and vapor

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