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Gear Coupling

Gear Coupling

Product Details

Size 1inch, 2inch, 3inch, 4inch
Type Coupling
Material Aliminum, Steel
Shape Elbow, Round
Thickness 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm, 50-60mm, 60-70mm
Certification ISI Certified
Color Silver
Connecting Shafts And Pipes
Fetatures Corrosion Proof, Crack Proof, Durable

New Janta Engg. Works & Fabricators company has carved a niche for itself as manufacturers and suppliers of Gear Couplings in muzaffarnagar (india). gear coupling is powerful device to provide protection against negative effects of axial, angular and parallel mis-alignments in mechanical power transmission specially in high torque situations.we are the best Gear Coupling Manufacturers In India.

Range Manufactured

  • Full Gear
  • Half Gear
  • Spacer
  • Floating Shaft
  • Break Drum Coupling

Application Areas Of Gear Couplings

  • Sugar industry
  • Paper industry
  • Cement Steel Plants
  • Metal Rolling Mills

Useful For

  • Cranes
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Dredger
  • Elevators
  • Generators
  • Fans
  • Blowers

Assembly Parts : Principal Part of this coupling is a pair of assembly of hubs having external teeth meshed with internal teeth of sleeve over it. These are bolted together with an 'O' ring on either side to take care of leakage of the Lubricant used in the Coupling Up to GC � 10 Integral Sealing and a detachable sealing arrangement is provided above. However on special demands alternate sealing arrangements will be provided.

Material : To ensure trouble free & high Standard performance we have opted for best material i.e. IS- 1875 class 4/EN-9/EN-8/ an Hubs as well as on sleeves Up to GC-10 and Beyond GC-10 Cast Steel as per IS � 1030 � Gr-II for Sleeves Only.

Selection Basis For Gear Couplings

  • Characteristics of driven machine and duty conditions
  • Load to be transmitted by the coupling HP/RPM or Torque, if absorbed power is not known calculation be Done on Power rating of prime mover
  • Diameters of the Shafts to be connected


  • Determine the service factor applicable to the driven Machine / Prime Mover Combination
  • Multiply the normal Running Power or Torque by the service factor to determine Design Rating of the coupling by either of the following formulae
  • Design Rating in HP/100 RPM : Actual HP x SF x 100 / Actual RPM
  • Design Rating in Torque : Actual HP x SF x 100 / Actual RPM x 71.2

After Determining the Design Rating Select Coupling From Rating Table against same or higher rating Check from Dimensional Table the required shafts dia to be connected.

Illustration to select couplings : Suppose coupling is to be installed between Fibrizer and Turbine (in sugar Mill) of 750 HP at 720 RPM with Shaft Dia 140 mm & 135 mm.


  • Service Factor for above application = 0.25
  • Design Power at 100 RPM = 750 x 2.5 x 100/720 = 260.42 HP © Rating Table Shows that coupling size is GC â�� 06 but the maximum bore of GC-06 is 125 mm Whereas required bore size is 140 mm Hence go for the higher size so the suitable coupling is GC - 07

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Rating and Dimensional Details

Coupling SizePower of 100 RPM in hPBoreMax. Torque NmMax. Speed R.P.M.ABCDEFGHJApprox Weight In Kg.Approx Gd2 Value Kg. M2
Min. Max.
GC – 00715405007800125111481753558826050.04
GC – 011520501070670017011555175557011265100.12
GC – 023830602705580018514562177058513080150.50
GC – 03694075411545002201757820855105155105260.50
GC – 04129509091853850250215100201055130185125401.00
GC – 05201601101431031502902401102511510155205140622.15
GC – 06308701252193027003202601202512510175235155850.3.70
GC – 075239014037240235035029013525140102052701751205.30
GC – 0869010016049130210038033015025160102303002001809.00
GC – 09863120180614451900430350165251701025033021021512.50
GC – 101247140220887851750490380180251901031039023029530.80
GC – 1116961502601207551550545410190302001035044526056057.40
GC – 1221441703001526501400590490230302401040049029072089.50
GC – 13386018033027483011006805352403526015440555320980140.00
GC – 14533523037037985090073057526535280155006103401320291.00
GC – 15638725041045475080078065530535320155406603751700353.00
GC – 16911530046064900071090072033045350206257554252550690.00
GC – 17119173505258485006301000820385454002072085546036201235.00
GC – 181577838061011234005601100920430554502081095051048601965.00
GC – 19208054257051481300500125010004455548530910105056063803012.00

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